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browse the web of data - a SPARQL navigator

LodLive is an experimental project that was set-up to spread and promote the linked-open-data philosophy and to create a tool that can be used for connecting RDF browser capabilities with the effectiveness of data graph representation.

LodLive is the first navigator to use RDF resources based solely on SPARQL endpoints.

LodLive aims to demonstrate how resources published by W3C standards for the semantic web can be made easily accessible and legible with a few viable tools.

LodLive is capable of connecting the resources existing in its configured endpoints, allowing the user to pass from one endpoint to another by making use of LOD interconnection capacities.

About us

LodLive is ideated and maintained by Diego Valerio Camarda and Alessandro Antonuccio with the support of Silvia Mazzini.
Diego is the RDF guy behind the technology (see
Alessandro is the designer responsible for the interface and the UX (see