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  56. <p>ASPO contributed to the project the data derived from the Datini online project and
  57. those concerning the Misericordia e Dolce Hospital fund, including the carteggio
  58. Marcovaldi and the "signals" regarding the so-called "gettatelli" (foundlings).</p>
  59. <p>The data for the Datini fund required numerous adaptations in
  60. particular with regard to the authority records, i.e., the records of the
  61. individuals involved in the correspondence as senders, recipients or in other roles.
  62. Since we are dealing with more than 5,000 individuals, the revision operations focused
  63. on normalizing certain aspects, but cannot be considered complete,
  64. it therefore remains a work in progress that the Archives will continue internally and -
  65. hopefully - with input from the scientific community. </p>
  66. <p>There are some aspects of the work in particular that should be noted as
  67. still open: foreign names are sometimes given in the version found on the
  68. text, other times transformed into an italianized version or into the
  69. current language of the country of origin; the identification of some subjects is still
  70. in progress, it is therefore possible that the same subject appears several times
  71. in the database. Identification will also have to be done
  72. (from a scientific and therefore computerized point of view) of the subjects mentioned in the
  73. lemmatized correspondence with respect to the authority records, so as to link
  74. the two datasets more effectively.</p>
  75. <p>
  76. The Hospital Fund should also be considered a work in progress, particularly
  77. regarding the analysis of documents on abandoned childhood, which is a topic that
  78. ASPO intends to continue to explore by proceeding backward from the period so far
  79. here analyzed.
  80. </p>
  81. <p class="text-right">
  82. Elisa Brunoni <br/>
  83. Archival Officer <br />
  84. State Archives of Prato
  85. </p>
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  91. <p>In the belief that different institutions can and should dialogue on topics that are
  92. extremely connected given that each discipline is not stand-alone, the Museum of Palazzo Pretorio has in this
  93. first phase developed together with the Prato State Archives two themes for which there was a cross-reference
  94. mutuality. These are the figure of Francesco di Marco Datini for whom the Museum has made available
  95. records of works of art related to the iconography and the Hospital of Misericordia e Dolce, from which come
  96. many works preserved in the municipal collection. The bibliography published so far has considered as
  97. "from the hospital" a large number of works of art found from the second half of the 19th
  98. century in the municipal collections: these actually left the hospital premises to be
  99. worthily displayed in the Municipal Gallery, which opened in 1858. The research conducted in recent years,
  100. including through the review of archival documentation (minutes, inventories, registers of
  101. entry/exit...), have been able to clarify some points and, consequently, to subdivide this large nucleus
  102. of works generically indicated as coming from the hospital into at least three groups: works
  103. commissioned by the hospital and preserved by it since the 14th century; works that came
  104. to the hospital through donations or testamentary bequests; works that merely passed through the hospital for
  105. a certain period of time and then passed into the art collections of the City of Prato and were exhibited to the
  106. public - whose ownership by the hospital is therefore not proven. Thanks to the project, it has been
  107. possible to make these first two subdivisions evident, that is, one can search for works
  108. commissioned by the hospital and those from the so-called "Martini Gallery," which reached
  109. to the hospital institution as part of the legacy of Giovanni Martini.</p>
  110. <p>The records that the Museum of Palazzo Pretorio makes available are those that have been made so far regarding
  111. the works of art that, within the museum itinerary, are part of the permanent collection: the work is
  112. <i>in fieri</i> and these same subgroups could hopefully grow by considering on the one hand the works
  113. placed in the Municipal Palace and, on the other hand, those that are not on public display because they are kept in the deposits
  114. of the museum.
  115. </p>
  116. <p class="text-right">
  117. Rita Iacopino <br/>
  118. Scientific Director <br />
  119. "Palazzo Pretorio" Museum - Prato
  120. </p>
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