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To get flask running (use Python 3!):

  1. [Optional but recommendend] Create and activate virtual environment by:

    • Going to the flask_be subdirectory
    • Executing: python (or python3 or py depending on your system) -m venv [virtual_environment_name]
    • Executing: source [virtual_environment_name]/bin/activate
  2. Install Flask + Flask-Cors (used to prevent annoying CORS error in local development) by executing:

    • pip install Flask-Cors
  3. [Optional] Activate Debug Mode by setting the environment variable:

    • FLASK_ENV=development (for instance by executing export FLASK_ENV=development in bash)
  4. Start the app by executing:

    • flask run

(vscode can do 3. and 4. automatically, and possibly the venv setup too)